school visits

Inspired to reach young girls with her life-saving mission Pauline Giles set up BosomBuddiesUK after her own experience of breast cancer surgery,  with a vision of taking a breast cancer awareness programme into schools.

 Seeing it as an effective means of reaching 90% of the UK's 15 - 17 year old female population before they were dispersed into higher education and the work force Pauline wanted to instill vital potential life-saving habits that would last a life-time while also dispelling the myth of breast cancer as being only an older woman's disease.        Education is key

 Providing useful information and resources and sharing founder and CEO Pauline Giles inspirational journey through surviving cancer, important issues covered include the use of paraben free cosmetics and products and the effects on health and well being.

       A pivotal stage  

Lower awareness amongst men also means that, despite representing a much lower percentage of breast cancer diagnosis (1%) male mortality rates for breastcancer are far higher as the disease tends to be caught at a more advanced stage.

Using Latex breasts with lumps as an aid during the visits, the girls are taught how to perform a routine monthly check and receive an informative brochure to take home as a reminder for themselves but also to assist in sharing key knowledge of the main symptoms to look out for.


With the countless messages of thanks that we receive from schools all year round we know that the BosomBuddiesUK programme is appreciated and our message is being genuinely heard which is more than enough motivation to keep us moving forward!


Interested in a School visit?

If you’re a school and are interested in BosomBuddies coming in for an educational visit for your year 10 and 11 pupils please contact us now.

The valuable information provided in our visits on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and the knowledge we provide of how to perform a breast check could one day help save their lives.