One of our main activities as a charity is to raise funds so that we can provide valuable life saving resources. Our Chemo Companion Bags are our primary giveaway which we gift to anyone going through chemo.

It is a valuable initiative conceived through Pauline's personal experience of undergoing cancer treatment.

  Chemo Companion

These bags are designed with compassion to provide loving support to those who are going through traumatic treatments such as chemo- or radiation therapy and recovering from invasive surgical procedures as a result of cancer.

We are indebted to the Women's Institute (WI) whose dedicated hands of honour sew our heart shaped-cushions and turn our donated goods into items for use.


Visit us on facebook and nominate yourself, or someone you know who is or will be going through treatment for cancer.

We make every effort to ensure every nominee gets a BosomBuddiesUK Chemo Companion  Bag. As long as we have supplies we will keep giving them away.

That is why your support is so invaluable. Your generosity with donations, purchases and resources goes straight back into our school programme and our  chemo companions so that we can continue to gift these bags wherever they are needed.

BosomBuddiesUK Chemo Companion Bags are given out in certain areas where we have volunteers.

We currently have volunteers in the following areas:

 Milton Keynes

We hope to expand to other areas in the near future as more volunteers come on board around the country.



'Many of these items I found invaluable when I was on my own Chemo Journey. I remember opening my bag and being humbled by the thought, care and love, which had been put into filling it.'
Pauline Giles, Founder & CEO, BosomBuddiesUK

Every item in our Chemo Companion Bag has been chosen to provide specific support for a particular purpose. 

Featuring a cuddly blanket, a heart-shaped cushion, comfy socks, natural hand, foot and body lotions, a notebook and pen in a lightweight rucksack, it's more than just a useful care package... 

 warm blanket


A warm cuddly blanket

We all like a cuddle don't we? Never more so than when we're feeling a little low. Truth is, for someone going through cancer treatment there's more than a fair share of those days... it takes a physical and emotional toll.

Physically, there's a lot of sleeping during the recovery process. The blanket provides warmth and a comforting snuggle to settle into for rest.



A heart shaped cushion

It's not just a symbol of love, it serves a vital role especially in the aftermath of breast cancer procedures.

The heart shape fits under the arm perfectly and takes the pressure off the mastectomy wound after surgery.

The incredible support of this little cushion becomes truly apparent as soon as it is put to use.

Heart-shaped Cushion


Natural Hand, Foot and Body Lotions

As Pauline puts it 'I’ve had cancer once, I don’t want to use anything that might cause it again.Using clean, wholesome ingredients, keeps us healthy and fuels our body from the inside out...'
Pauline's passion about natural skincare is all about protecting the skin you're in. Each of these lotions has been formulated specifically to deal with issues that arise due to cancer treatment. Such as dry flaky skin, eczema-like rashes, itching and irritation... and naturally they are free from any questionable ingredients that can trigger the route to cancer. 

Honey Hand Cream
Minty Foot Cream 
 Resurfacing Formula


A Notebook and Pen

Feeling Foggy?

We all hate it when that happens. It can occur when we're under immense emotional and physiological stress and when something upsets our natural rhythm.... and as such - yep you've guessed it - it is a typical side effect for Cancer patients - nicknamed chemo brain!

During treatment this little notebook is not only an invaluable aid to help keep note of important bits but also provides a wonderful release for writing down thoughts, progress and little victories!

Notebook & Pen



comfy socks


Comfy Socks

Feet are an interesting health barometer! When we're unwell symptoms from aches to discolourations and changes in skin texture often show up in our feet.

During cancer treatment, feet typically become very dry and cracked or just feel very cold.... at such a time warm, soft socks are just incredibly welcome!



A handy rucksack

The proverbial bag of love(!) to keep all the precious items in...

It's difficult carrying anything when the body is weakened through sustained intensive treatment... any added weight can quickly become unbearable.
Our little lightweight rucksack is designed to add as minimal burden as possible so that it is easier to carry its valuable contents when on the move.  

While we live in the hope of a cancer-free world we'll continue to ease the experience of those still on the journey ... Get in touch to nominate a recipient or please Get involved with your donations or your time as a volunteer. 

We look forward to hearing from you!