'One of Bosom Buddies' main goals is to make mastectomies and chemotherapy a rarity not the norm. Education is key and our work involves doing everything within our power to inform the youth of today.
We are also committed to supporting those touched by cancer to empower their positive look forward to life after the battle.'

Pauline Giles, Founder & CEO, Bosom Buddies UK

Bosom Buddies UK was set up by founder and CEO Pauline Giles in 2010, after overcoming a battle with breast cancer. The aim for Pauline is to inform, educate and potentially help save the lives of both women and men by raising awareness of how to look for the earliest signs of breast cancer. 


A vital vehicle in the charities awareness campaign is the BosomBuddiesUK school programme, which targets Years 10 and 11 and provides an effective means of reaching 90% of the UK's 15 - 17 year old female population to dispel the myth of breast cancer as being only an older woman's disease.

Our team also appear at events and markets to take awareness on to the road and reach as a varied an audience as possible, teaching visitors to check for lumps on life-like latex breasts and spreading the word about the importance of staying positive and being aware of help that is available for those going through treatment for breast cancer. 

Funds raised through donations and the fundraising BosomBuddiesUK natural skincare go straight back into supporting these activities to enable us  to keep doing the work that we do as a charity.

We appear everywhere that individuals are able to support us with time and commitment and we continue to rely on and grow with the support from various institutes and companies who provide invaluable resources and opportunities which enable us to reach out to those affected by breast cancer.

As a charity we have been fortunate to give talks at the Houses of Parliament, appear at and organise our own festivals, be featured charity sponsors at everything from sporting, to fashion and awareness raising events and our door and ears are always open...! 

Interested in getting involved?

If you’re are interested in getting involved with BosomBuddies in any way with the existing activities we are doing or even a new idea of your own, you can contact us to have a chat - we'd be delighted to hear from you!