Us In A Nutshell

Pressed for time but want some answers?

Here's us in a 1-minute nutshell to give you the gist of the work we do and when you have more time just come back and click on each link to learn more.

What Do We Do

We spread awareness about the early detection of breast cancer.

We show how to check for lumps.

We give gifts to cancer patients.

We do events and roadshows with life-like latex breasts that can be felt, teaching how to detect lumps that could be cancer.

We do school visits to spread awareness at a critical young age. 


How Do We Do This?

How Can You Help?


You can donate any amount you can afford
(easily through our Donations section).

You can purchase any of our potentially life saving, fund-raising products.

You can become a volunteer.
You can donate items we can recycle.



Straight back into our Schools Programme and our Fundraising Natural Skincare.


Where Does The Money Go?

That's It  - That's Us We'll be delighted to see you come back when you've got the time to read a little more and we hope you'll then get involved or get in touch!